Destiny Teens Club [13-20 Years]

Destiny Teens Club is a monthly Bible Club for Teens which runs with the National Academic Calendar.

What is Taught in Destiny Teens Club?

Each Month Teenage aged between 13 and 19 meet for spiritual and social live discussions. This includes learning about:


1. The importance of God’s Word
2. The power of God’s love
3. Why did Jesus need to die (and several questions about faith)?
4. How to live a Christian life
5. How to experience spiritual growth
6. What is God’s purpose for your life?


1. How to be a good friend
2. How to love your family members
3. Building relationships with others
4. How to navigate dating as a young Christian
5. How to handle peer pressure
6. Social media and Christianity
7. Let’s talk about SEX and Gender


1. How to study – Revision strategies.
2. How to understand difficult subjects in school.
3. How to navigate mental health issues.
4. How to be happy with who you are.
5. How to fall in love with Reading.
6. What is Vision?


1. How to serve at home
2. How to understudy someone (being a mentee)
3. How to enjoy working for someone
4. How to create business ideas
5. How to work for yourself- being your own boss.

During the club the Teens have the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour and consistent teaching from the Bible. Training is included to build good character and strengthen moral, social and spiritual growth.

All Teens are encouraged to attend a local church.

Who Teaches at Destiny Teens Club?

Christian volunteers who are trained by Destiny International or CEF Inc (Child Evangelism Fellowship Incorporated) and have been vetted through the appropriate Child Protection system of Destiny International. Any born again believer with a profession can be part of the Training Team.

Facilitators are also required to sign our Statement of Faith and to agree with its contents.

Our Aim

  • To lead every Teen to Jesus Christ.
  • To provide a systematic teaching of the Bible.
  • To provide structures that encourage the right social growth among teens
  • Helping Teens to grow in the Light of God’s Word.
  • Working together with the local churches to encourage unchurched teens to attend a local church.
  • Working together with teens to serve in the Kingdom

When and where?

Destiny Teens Clubs are held regularly each Month or each Quarter and the club lasts approximately one hour, after school ( Weekends) Clubs can be held in various places:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Community centres
  • Mission halls and Church halls


How can I get involved?

You can help in various ways:

  • Become a Prayer Partner – Praying for the Clubs, the Teachers, the Teens who attend and their friends.
  • Become a Helper \ Donor –  assisting with the programme in terms of offering your time, money and resources.
  • Be a Host – Open your home to hold a Destiny Teens Club.
  • Become a Destiny Teens Club Organiser, Leader, Facilitator – responsible for the club programme.
  • Become a Social Media Promoter- Talking to Parents, Friends and sharing Destiny International’s content on your social media platforms.